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And no conquest reward .... AGAIN and AGAIN ...

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.12.2017 01:12PM
Hey folks,

Well, another round of Conquest rewards not delivering is certainly not what any of us want. We apologize for this, we know this is extremely frustrating that it seems to continue happening. A few notes:
  • If you have a ticket in for missed rewards (even if it is from a couple of weeks ago) don't worry, customer support will get to them. We have been working with them on getting those rewards out to everyone. They are not forgotten.
  • We have made a few changes to try to address Conquest rewards as a whole. Some systemic changes behind the scenes, moving the reset time, etc. It is clear they aren't solving the problem though and the team is digging into solutions. I will try to get more details on what might be happening and when.
Thank you all for your continued patience.

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