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#3 Eyes

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 19.12.2017 03:03PM
Hey folks,

There have been quite a few questions about what has been going on with eyes in SWTOR the past few updates. There are actually a few things going on and so here are some insights from our Senior Character Artist.

A while back a change was made to our game engine that affected how reflections work on a global scale. As youre likely aware, this caused eyes to accept too much reflection, creating a glass look (sparkly eyes). This was not a simple fix for the eyes as it wasnt actually the art of the eyes themselves causing the issue. To adjust how the reflections looked I had to re-author all of their textures. Since I had to spend time fixing the eyes anyway I saw an opportunity to improve our system to allow for a larger variety of colors moving forward. These changes give us a lot more flexibility in creating more unique looking eyes such as closely achieving eyes with more depth and color variation similar to Vaylins or Arcanns.

We fully understand the attachment to a characters eyes! There is a lot of thought put into our characters and the last thing we would want is for anyone to feel like we have taken something from them.

Now, regarding the dark brown eyes, we matched the colors to what we had as reference for pre-5.6. However, I recognize that some colors appeared darker than they actually were due to the amount of reflection that was in the eyes (the more reflection there is, the darker the colors become as it overwrites color information with environment reflection). We will choose one of the browns to darken to more closely match the dark brown option players had previously. In addition, we are double checking colors to make sure there arent any that are too far off from their original hue, if we find any that still need a slight hue tweak I will be making those adjustments. Though at this point they should be subtle, i.e., if something feels slightly too green or is not glowy / bright enough.

I would appreciate feedback on which brown should be darkened to help inform that decision. I would also like to invite your input on what new colors you would like to see in game. We will draw from your suggestions and see what we can do to make more options available.
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