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#2 Game Update 5.7 and Beyond

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 10.01.2018 09:59AM
Originally Posted by CrutchCricket View Post

What does class specific mean in this context though?
Class-specific means that only the Class that those Companions are originally from will be able to get them. So in this case...
  • Risha & Corso - Smuggler only
  • Andronikos - Inquisitor only

Originally Posted by DuchessKristania View Post
So are all the returning companions going to be class specific from here out? I hope not, I made a smuggler clone of my agent and I'd like to be able to get Vector for her.
Many of them will be, but not all. It depends on the story we are telling with that particular Companion returning. I will make sure we note that for the future returns so you know which is which.

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