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Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 15.02.2018 11:35AM
Hey everyone,

I think for all of us, this Roadmap process we started last year could stand a bit of improvement. Instead of providing information every 90 days or so, its taking a lot longer to get you any information about what were planning, and honestly, that needs to change. Im still reticent about communicating details beyond 90 days, but I do want you to be comfortable with our direction and where we are headed.

With this in-mind, weve decided to use the Forums as the means to get you the information about the next couple months versus waiting for a Roadmap. This will allow us to be more responsive to your questions, address your concerns, and maintain a better dialog going forward. It also helps us (especially me) to stay available and not make it seem like weve disappeared into the ether. Here is what you can expect in March and April this year (2018):

March 13 Game Update 5.8 - Command Authority

  • Izax, The Destroyer - The 5th and final boss from the Gods from the Machine Operation. There will be two modes with Izax; Story and Master mode. This also means we will not be offering a full Master Mode for all bosses in the Operation. This was an especially difficult decision for me to make, as I have loved the interaction between developers and our raiding community. Yet, based on what were planning for this year and beyond, its better to focus on the upcoming group content.
  • However, we are going to run a special Izax event for those who are worthy enough to defeat him. Everyone who does will have an opportunity to receive a new achievement, a special and unique Title, and a new and very enticing Legacy-based reward.
  • Note, well deliver the Title and Reward when we launch Game Update 5.9 The Nathema Conspiracy.

Conquest Revamp:
  • We have all enjoyed receiving our rewards each week! Ok, in reality, weve had our fair share of issues this past year, but going forward, we want Conquests to be a consistently fun activity for Guilds and individual participants.
  • As a result, weve made substantial improvements to the Conquest system including a new interface, new daily objectives, new missions, and more. Most importantly, we have rewritten the backend system to ensure you benefit from your weekly efforts. Look for details in an upcoming blog or forum post.
  • A new Conquest Vendor will appear for those who complete their personal conquests each week. Itll initially have Decorations and a new Companion boost called the Commanders Compendium which will increase your active companion to influence level 50. More on this below.
  • Arcann Romance Everyones favorite former villain has had a change of heart and may be more available than he was previously.
  • Companion Return: Vector Imperial Agents will see the return of Vector Hyllus! Easily the best member of the Killik hivemind.
  • Companion Return: Ashara Zavros will return to the Sith Inquisitors side. How will things go with her former master?
  • Commanders Compendium Personally, I like having various companions with influence level 50 available and depending on the fight, I might want a ranged DPS, or a melee type healer, or whatever. I also like the various animations and barks from a variety of our companions. We are introducing a new companion gift that can immediately raise the influence level of your companion to 50, but its expensive, requires some crafting, and requires you to complete your Personal Conquest objectives before you can purchase it from the vendor.

Cartel Market: We improved the way we operated the Cartel Market last year based on your feedback. The team is looking at making additional big changes starting with Game Update 5.8. Well give you more details when were a few days away from release.

April Game Update 5.9 - The Nathema Conspiracy
  • This years story has shown the final ramifications of the path that Valkorion first chose when he devastated Nathema, so its only natural that we go there to bring that story to its exciting conclusion.
  • Weve added powerful new Augments for those who need additional stats to help take down Izax in Master Mode. Or, you simply want to be OP! In this new Flashpoint, well provide legacy-based Crafting Patterns (Bind-on-Pickup BOP) which will drop randomly off mobs and Bosses. If youre one of the lucky ones, you may also find a Bind-on-Equip (BOE) version of the same patterns. Well follow up with the materials needed to craft the Augments.

  • Izax offers an amazing new reward
  • We are providing a new vendor just outside the Gods from the Machine Operation offering special items to those players who have earned an achievement for killing Izax, The Destroyer.

  • Companion Return: Felix Iresso The Jedi Consulars loyal soldier has had a rough time these last few years can the Consular help him?
  • Companion Return: Mako and Akaavi - Bounty Hunters and Smugglers are reunited with this duo, whove been working together during the players absence.

Subscriber Rewards: We have a series of Subscriber promotions throughout the next few months look for details in your email, on the Launcher, or on the SWTOR website. For example, the February Share your Love of SWTOR started yesterday and ends February 27, 2017.

Beyond April Discussion Topic!
As we look back to 2017 and now beyond the conclusion of the traitor storyline, we are planning to continue delivering content in the same manner throughout 2018. When you look at the total year, you received a wide variety of both multi-player and solo activities including a new story, Strongholds, Starfighter updates, a new Warzone, two new Flashpoints, and a new Operation, along with many Quality of Life improvements.

We heard feedback from some of you indicating you missed having a more traditional expansion and youd rather wait so it all comes at once. I like having updates released regularly versus waiting long periods of time in-between patches. Although this remains our current plan, we are also laying out what well include in a 6.0 Game Update. Well keep you informed of our summer, fall and winter plans throughout the coming months.

We look forward to expanding more on what you can expect in 5.8, 5.9, and beyond! As often as we can, we will be around in the thread to answer your many questions about those updates. Looking forward to having some good discussions.

--- Keith

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