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#13 Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 20.02.2018 09:54AM
Originally Posted by JediJoy View Post
Just in case it continues to get lost throughout this thread and others:

My questions to Keith and Eric:

The roadmap mentioned a complete revamping of conquest. I know you said a forum post or blog would come out eventually that would explain it a bit more. But..... Ive got a guild full of very conquest focused members who are kind of freaking out about this. They and Im sure a good portion of us here in this forum post, are worried what the revamping all entails.

1) Will it turn out similar to CXP where literally every npc you kill gives you a tiny bit of conquest points? Or is it just more objective focused like adding a few dailies areas to the objective board.

2) How will this effect Crafting Weeks? At the beginning of conquest, crafting weeks used to be months in between each other, now they are merely weeks apart. This doesnt give many guilds, especially small guilds, a chance to renew their resources to max efficiency. Will we see Crafting weeks go back to their original schedules? Or will they be completely eliminated by the new revamped version of conquest?

3) Are you removing any current Objectives or Events? Are you adding any entirely new Events and or Planets?

4) Have you considered giving out the weekly rewards as soon as the conquest week ends instead of on Tuesday at restart? This would eliminate the chance of guilds kicking members on Monday to ensure those members dont receive their weekly guild rewards which happens fairly often.

Thank you!
These are all great questions! I am going to be posting a separate write-up about the Conquest changes. I don't have timing yet but it shouldn't be too far away. We can then address and Conquest questions in that thread.


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