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#17 Winter/Spring 2018 Roadmap Update

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 23.02.2018 08:07AM
Originally Posted by Mournblood View Post

Thank you for providing us the eagerly anticipated roadmap. Having spent much of my IT career in software development, I know just how much work goes into deciding what to add, remove, and change in any production environment. That being said, there's quite a few QoL issues being brought up that I didn't see mentioned. Have you guys discussed with the team some of the items below, and where that might fit into the 2018 roadmap, or beyond?

  1. Account-wide ignore feature going in both directions to help manage/mitigate the toxicity of public chat channels in the absence of in-game moderation. (And along with that, the removal of the cap on the Ignore list.)
  2. Right-click report feature for exploiting/hacking in WZs that captures the necessary server logs to verify cheating occurred so that the player isn't required to basically stop playing in order to submit a ticket or take supporting screenshots that they then submit directly to Eric or Keith.
  3. Stronghold decoration maintenance/updates, to include a hook capacity increase for flagships from 800 to 1000. (This area of the game is sorely in need of attention:
  4. Guild interface improvements. (There was a really good suggestion thread on this but I can't find it now.)

Thanks again for the exciting news and your continued commitment to this game we all love.
Hey there. All excellent suggestions, so thanks for the ideas. Here's my thoughts on each:
  1. Account-wide ignore feature and ignore list cap - I like the account wide idea and we'll look into the Cap. What we may find is we need to automatically clean up your list and remove those accounts which are no longer part of TOR such as banned Advertisers.
  2. Right-click report feature for exploiting/hacking in WZs - not sure why we don't already have that in place. Will ask the team to investigate.
  3. Stronghold decoration maintenance/updates - we'll look into it.
  4. Guild interface improvements - Already on our list. I met with some players at our New York Cantina and they followed up with a ton of ideas. We've had many discussions about Guild Management, along with additional ideas on Guild engagement activities. It's not yet on the Production schedule, but it's an excellent Quality of Life improvement where all Guilds benefit.

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