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#3 Conquest Changes Coming in 5.8

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 01.03.2018 10:35AM
Originally Posted by ninjonxb View Post
I am a little confused by exactly what this change will mean.

Will it basically be that each planet will be good for a certain size guild?

If that is the case, I am curious why it is completely optional.
Like I agree that a guild should be able to say "I'm tiny but strong" and compete against bigger guilds, but if bigger guilds can do less for the same reward it is just going to be abused.
I am curious how this will be addressed?
Let me try to let it out with an example and see if I can make more sense of it. Let's say a Conquest has 3 planets that you can invade...

Planet 1
Low point requirement to complete
Low reward for completing that conquest

Planet 2
Medium point requirement to complete
Medium reward for completing that conquest

Planet 3
High point requirement to complete
High reward for completing that conquest

If you look at planet 1, since there is a lower point requirement to complete the Conquest, it is loosely targeted at smaller guilds. However, since it is easier to complete, it means less rewards. If a large Guild still wanted to go for it, they still can. It will obviously be easier for them with larger player contribution, but they would be sacrificing conquest rewards to do so (since planet 2 and 3 would reward more).

TLDR - Small planets mean small rewards, big planets mean big rewards.
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