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#4 Some Date Updates!

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 09.03.2018 09:55AM
Originally Posted by TUXs View Post
I'm glad you were able to laugh at that comment

Our frustration isn't ever personal Keith...we're delighted to be spending our money and time on the things you guys work on every day...we spend HOURS, every day, playing in a world you guys created from scratch...some of us spend more time online in a single day, than you guys possibly could at the office.

I hope you take all of our frustrations as praise for how much we enjoy what you guys work on. Don't ever be humbled by how much passion you're able to create doing what you do. We wouldn't be here complaining if we weren't also enthralled by what you guys do for a living
Hey Tux, that's actually how I took it and was poking fun at myself, too. I do plan to tell everyone about what we are planning, how we want to deliver updates, and also discuss our expansion plans for SWTOR. I'll post up some insight when I'm ready to start those discussions (but, it's definitely not for at least another month).

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