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#2 Livestream - 3/13 @ 2PM PT

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 12.03.2018 03:38PM
Originally Posted by JennyFlynn View Post
Wonderful to hear Eric, I will be tuning in if I remember to.

I was also wondering, would you guys ever be willing to do a proper Q&A? Like, a week, a couple of days ahead of the stream gather questions posted either here or via Twitter (perhaps Twitter is best as the forums tend to derail a lot), and select 10-15 of those to be answered on stream? I've noticed during the actual stream, many questions often either get overlooked or ignored. In my opinion, it would feel far more like having a discussion with you guys, rather than being talked to by you guys, you know?

In any case, looking forward to it!
It depends on the stream. Sometimes the stream focuses more on "showcasing" content, other times it is more about having that back and forth and answering questions. Last stream was just a pretty quick intro before handing the reins to SWTOR Central for a Gods From the Machine stream. This time we are going to do a longer stream, talk a bit more in-depth about 5.8, and definitely take more questions!

Originally Posted by Eloi_BG View Post
Will you be talking/answering questions about the new augments even if it's 5.9 related?
Yes and no. The focus of the stream is really on 5.8, and we definitely plan on releasing the augment details after 5.8 is out the door. Typically we try to address questions related to the update/topic of stream but we definitely try to snag a few outliers on other topics to hit as well. Outside of general questions though, detailed info on the augments isn't planned for the stream.

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