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Why is so much missing from patch notes?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 26.03.2018 08:39AM
We definitely try to ensure you know everything that is changing in each Game Update. If something is missing from patch notes it will typically qualify in one of three categories:
  • It is part of a large system revamp - In these cases we will generalize the overall changes that occured but will not list every specific change.
  • It is a change that was intended but was missed during the patch note process.*
  • It was an unintended change, or it is a bug.*
    • *In both of these cases the best bet is report them in the bug report forum so we can look into and see if it is intended or not.
Even outside of Conquests I know there have been a variety of reports of things changing with 5.8. My advice is to continue letting us know of anything you see like that (in the bug report forum, in its own thread) and I will continue sending it on to the team for investigation.


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