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Conquest: Will it always be 3 planets each week?

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 27.03.2018 04:27PM
Originally Posted by UlaVii View Post
Hi, today is the 2nd of the new "Random Conquests" and like last week it is also has just 3 planets. "Total Galactic War" used to have 13. Will it always be 3 planets each week?

Also, have you removed all the separate faction invasions? Like there used to be Balmorra (Imp) and Balmorra (Rep).

Edit: The separate faction question was answered by AlainaFlute:
In the current plan it will be 3 planets each week. Like all things though, let us know your thoughts! (Also getting this post on the devtracker to highlight the answer to your second question)


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