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#3 Conquest Changes in Game Update 5.9

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 30.03.2018 01:08PM
Originally Posted by HKtheindomitable View Post
Thank you for the clarity on that.

Query: Why are Daily Repeatables once per day, per *legacy*, rather than per toon?

The reason I ask, is because it makes sense for the one-time to be per legacy. But the daily does not. Even if it were restricted to five or ten toons, it would still make more sense than Legacy only. And this is what we have the hardest time understanding.
Good question, let me try to lend some clarity to that question. The pre-5.8 Conquest system worked almost identically in this regard. Objectives were either infinitely repeatable, or you could only complete them one time per Legacy. The only "restriction" change that happened with 5.8 is we added Daily Objectives, and then shuffled around what Objectives fell into what category. Technically, the system is either infinite, or by Legacy, there isn't actually a "by character" component to Objectives. Which may seem strange since Conquest points are tracked by character, but Objectives are all Legacy based.

Now, this could mean that when we reshuffled, we ended up with too many Objectives which had Legacy restrictions. That would hamper the viability of alts which definitely seems to be the feedback we are hearing. We can continue to address that by adding more Objectives which can be infinitely repeated. This would directly mirror the alt viability of the pre-5.8 system, which was separated only by repeatable and once per Legacy.

I think what is most helpful for us (and many of you on the forums have been doing this) is providing specifically what you felt you could do on alts previously, that you can't do now. This way we can look at the areas where you feel the changes are impacting your daily play and ability to play multiple characters.

My post ended up longer than I planned, but hopefully that adds some clarity.

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