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#2 New Augments Game Update 5.9

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 05.04.2018 08:09AM
Originally Posted by Joonbeams View Post
This is also confusing to me too. Current schematics are BoL. It seems that these are intentionally NOT that. The question tho is, are these going to be BoP which means you MUST run the FP to get a shot at making these? Or BoE, which although weird to describe schematics, means that you will be able to post/sell/trade these, and you won't have to run the FP whatsoever?

If BoE, I suppose it will work out fine for those that don't want to run the FP (and not clear if it needs to be Master Mode either). But if it's BoP, that would really stink...
I realize the naming is confusing, since you don't actually equip the Schematic. Really, BoE means "not bound until taking a relevant action that would bind the item to you."

These Schematics are BoE, as in, if someone gets one in the Flashpoint they can sell or trade them freely. This means that the source of receiving them is only the Flashpoint but there is way more freedom to get them outside of the FP through the GTN, etc.

Hope that clears up any confusion.

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