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BRB, Eric is AFK

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 16.04.2018 10:01AM
Hey folks!

One of my communication rules for the team is to be cautious in sharing personal details. It usually opens you up to some good ole' internet trolling. I am gonna break that rule today, but you will understand why.

Later this week, I am getting married! Next week is my birthday and then in a couple of weeks me and the "soon to be" wife, she and I are going to be heading on our honeymoon. The reason I am telling you this is because I am going to burn some time off and I won't be in the office for a few weeks. Effectively I will be out of the office later this week through mid-May.

While I am gone a few things will change. Since I am the primary point of contact for all of you here on the forums, I would expect things will be quiet around here. Charles and Keith will take care of passing on any information to you. Our team will still actively be grabbing bug and issue reports, but they will be less active in posting to let you know they grabbed it. Lastly, you will likely see the return of our friend Server Droid to handle our maintenance timing messaging.

Be nice to them while I am gone . Thanks everyone. This might not be my last message before vacation, but if I don't get to say it, I will see you all in a few weeks.

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