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All my incomplete achievements reset today

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 04.05.2018 09:30AM
Originally Posted by jade_de_aguilera View Post
I am really sorry, nobody can fix title once posted.
I was upset and angry. Have noticed mistakes right away, but cannot change it ..
I had the title fixed. This is a very serious issue and we're working on a resolution right now. The goal is to match up your achievements before the patch and merge them with the progress you made after 5.9.

Our plan is to have this resolved today for anyone impacted. It'll require us to bounce the servers (essentially take them offline for a short-period, make the change, and restart). Once we have those details, we'll add the downtime information to the SWTOR Launcher.

We have Game Update 5.9.1 scheduled for May 22, 2018 where will be addressing other issues you may have encountered with 5.9.

Sorry this happened and caused you so much frustration. We'll get it resolved as soon as we can.



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