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Fallen Empire: Chapter XI Disavowed (speak to Theron Shan) bug

Originally Posted by CharlesBoyd ( Original Post ) | 10.05.2018 12:31PM
Quote: Originally Posted by damonskye View Post

Start Disavowed. As soon as it starts, you'll be in the command center with the eternally-hanging chat bubble.

Hit ESCAPE to get out of that.

Immediately turn around and go to the elevator leading out of the command center (back up to outdoors Odessen). Take the elevator up to the first floor.

While unmounted, run out... right before you get to the green instance boundary with the outside, it SHOULD launch you back into Disavowed... and at that time you should be able to continue with the actual Disavowed start up cutscene!

I have made this work on two characters so make sure you pay attention to the instructions above to the letter. Good luck!
Note that we currently believe this workaround will only work if Koth is still present in the story. In the meantime, we have a fix in progress for this issue and are aiming to include it in patch 5.9.1, releasing May 22nd. Thanks damonskye for helping your fellow players out, and to everyone for helping us get to the root of the issue!
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