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#2 SWTOR Summer Roadmap

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 18.05.2018 09:30AM
Hey all,

Still reading through the thread and all of your comments. I saw a number of times the Stronghold was mentioned and the question raised about whether you have to PvP.

Easy answer - Nope! This is your stronghold and you'll purchase it on the fleet just like all the other strongholds. The PvP designated areas will have hooks so you can customize it with any of your decorations. The difference will be you can use those decorations to block Line of Sight, create barriers, and even set up chairs for other players to observe the action. But, it's your choice on how you use your own Stronghold.

It'll have a fun beach area for those of us who like to catch some sun and...and lots more. It's a very large Stronghold.

I also saw a question about Strongholds being purchased by a Guild and the answer to that is - Yes it can a Guild Stronghold, too.

We'll keep reading your comments. Keep in mind, the Roadmap doesn't provide you with all the details so you can expect to see more information, and gain access to the changes on PTS toward the end of June.


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