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#4 Maintenance: May 23rd, 2018

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 23.05.2018 07:12AM
Originally Posted by PerfectSquare View Post
Did this start early or is my timezone conversion off?

It's 8:20AM EDT (which is 5:20AM PDT) and the servers are down for me. Wanted to check a couple market items before heading out for the day...
Quick explanation on how our maintenance works which will explain what you saw. As an example, let's say our maintenance starts at 7AM. At 6:45AM, we message to players a 15 minute warning that the server will be shutting down. When we do that, we stop NEW logins from entering the server. That means if you aren't already logged into the server, you won't be able to get on.

We continue countdown messaging until 7AM, at which time we kick any players which have not exited the server. At this point all servers are now offline and maintenance begins. If you tried to login during the 15 minute window prior to maintenance beginning, we will have disabled logins. The servers weren't actually offline for players, we just stop more people from going on right before they would get kicked.

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