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#2 Planned Warzone Changes

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 30.05.2018 11:20AM
Originally Posted by Mycroft-Tarkin View Post
If you die by keeping at least more than one player busy with you for a while then you ARE contributing. Know that somewhere your team has a numbers advantage and will likely clear the enemies there faster because of you

But yeah I can see this not going down too well. We already have premades who just farm kills without capping anything. At least they used to let the other team have the pleasure of winning in most cases. Now, farming kills will simply give them a win unless the other team is somehow 3-capped.
Just to set some context on kills being worth points. Based on the way that it is balanced in the changes above, holding two points is absolutely the way you need to win. Ex: if one team is holding two points, the other is holding one and trying to farm kills, the team with two points will still win.

Kills being worth points will help accelerate the map and to differentiate it from Alderaan. It is not setup as a new strategy to win. Now, all of this is based on current gameplay data from the Warzone. If these changes somehow dramatically shift how people play Yavin, then things could change. Again, based on our data, killing players is still not going to be a viable strategy to win this Warzone!

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