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#4 Planned Warzone Changes

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 30.05.2018 03:23PM
Originally Posted by Mournblood View Post

Can you please clarify the item I quoted above? On my Operative, I am able to Holotraverse (while cloaked) across the chasm before the bridge is down to an enemy player (who had been killed, respawned on the other side, and is foolish enough to stand on the center edge where there is no force field). I could then plant the bomb on the door before the bridge was down. It was explained to me some time ago that this was not an exploit, but a resourceful use of class abilities.

With the outlined changes to Voidstar, is this still going to be possible, or not?
This will not be possible. There will now be a forcefield in front of that door until the bridge is lowered. Once the bridge is lowered you can begin planting on the door. You can still get across the gap to get in position to plant the bomb faster, but you can no longer bypass lowering the bridge.

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