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#2 GSF Changes in 5.9.2

Originally Posted by BretHoffman ( Original Post ) | 06.06.2018 03:05PM
Hey folks! Thanks for the questions/thoughts. To clarify a couple things with the matchmaking changes for GSF:

The goals:
  • Get matches to pop more frequently.
  • Get those matches to be more fairly balanced.
Cross faction teams helps achieve both of these goals. It makes hitting a critical mass of players to start a match more stable and easier to achieve. It also gives the matchmaker the ability to sort through ALL of the players to arrange the best possible match.

Quote: Originally Posted by Mournblood View Post

I posed this question to Eric, but haven't gotten a response yet. Eric had stated that a premade group will not get split up by the new matchmaking system in regular WZs or GSF. My principal concern here is how will not splitting up a premade in GSF help to achieve any kind of match balance there when that is the #1 reason why GSF matches are so ridiculously lopsided? While there are certainly other contributing factors to GSF match inequity, such as mastered ships versus un-mastered ships, it's the premades of veteran players versus players who are literally brand new to GSF (which has a higher learning curve than ground PvP) that crushes the life out of that aspect of the game.

A few points about premade groups:
  • Premade groups no longer count as the average rating of all the ships. They now count everyone in the group as the same as the highest rated player in the group.
  • The matchmaker will attempt to make the most even teams possible.
  • Given this, a premade group with at least 1 highly experienced player would be more apt to be matched up with less experienced/less upgraded players.
Matches should be much more fairly matched across the board after these changes are put into place. This, admittedly, does not cure every ill caused by premade groups of highly skilled player. But it should help to mitigate the issues and improve the quality of matches across the board.
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