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#9 Cartel Coins not in account

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 13.06.2018 04:10PM
Originally Posted by Calwred View Post
06/13/2018 In Game Reward 5500 5609
06/13/2018 In Game Reward 1050 1159
06/13/2018 Friends Referral Subscriber Grant 100 109
06/10/2018 In Game Purchase -50 9

I made a 5500 cc purchase on Friday afternoon about 5:30 pm, I received the 1050 that I bought right after it, ty and the referral amount I got from nightraider on the EA answers site, but I am still waiting on the 5500 cc coins I purchased, they are in the log, but not in game,

Also someone has a problem with adding according to log 1159+5500=5609, shouldn't it be 6659.
Display name is calwred
I didn't think you'd notice that we gave you the 5,500 Cartel Coins and immediately took them away. Seriously, we regranted the 5,500 coins so you should be good to go now.

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