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#13 Cartel Coins not in account

Originally Posted by KeithKanneg ( Original Post ) | 14.06.2018 04:53PM
Originally Posted by Andryah View Post
Worth requiting for emphasis.. because clearly from some of the posts here in this thread... people do not understand that any lingering issues with this DO NOT follow the normal bug/trouble reporting/resolution.

Earlier tickets, phone calls, etc won't get your needs met in this particular case... and Keith has been very transparent about what to do for anyone who had not yet received their CCs.

Anyone still not received their coins... I encourage you PLEASE... follow what Nightblazer was kind enough to requote from the EA support site. It WILL help you get your remaining issues resolved. Help them, help you.
This is great advice. If still have a Cartel Coin issue and you've only posted in this thread, but did not send an email or create a ticket, we won't have enough information to resolve your issue.

I sincerely appreciate all the patience everyone has showed and communicated in their emails. The team is working hard to get them all addressed. We've made a ton of progress, so we should be done soon.

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