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Feedback: Rishi Stronghold

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 06.07.2018 09:03AM
Hey folks,

Please use this thread to post your feedback on the new Rishi Stronghold. A few reminders:
  • The prices on PTS are greatly reduced so that everyone has to opportunity to get into the Stronghold and help test.
  • Final prices will be comparable/slightly higher than the unlock/room costs of the Yavin Stronghold.
  • This thread is for feedback only. If you find Stronghold bugs, please report them in the PTS Bug Report forum.

Beyond any general feedback you may have, also let us know your thoughts on the following:
  • The layout of hooks in each room.
  • The availablity of hook types in each area.
  • The functionality of each of the PvP areas.
  • The functionality of the healing dummy.
Please be as specific as possible in your feedback. Thanks!

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