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#4 Maintenance: August 7, 2018

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 07.08.2018 08:03AM
Originally Posted by Jerba View Post
These times can't be correct. Ever since the 5.8 conquest revamp, conquest resets at 1800 GMT / 11AM Pacific, not at 1200 GMT / 5AM Pacific. If the review period is supposed to be one hour, conquest must end at 1700 GMT / 10AM Pacific. Or are you changing the reset time back to how it was originally so it will be at the same time as weekly/daily quest resets?
Thank you for catching that, there was a miscommunication around the timing. The end/reset time of Conquests did not change, it is still 11AM Pacific.

What did change is the review period is now only 1 hour, and you have to commit earlier than before. I have updated the times in the patch notes to reflect this. We know my incredible talent for timezones so let me know if something still looks amiss.


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