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Conquest End Time Change

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 22.08.2018 10:43AM
Quote: Originally Posted by Darevsool View Post
It's actually BEEN this way for several months.
When 5.8 launched they moved the conquest start time to 2 PM eastern to help fix a bug.
Anyone could do those weekly quests before 2 PM eastern and they wouldn't count toward the new week's conquest.

The only difference NOW is that there is ONLY a 1 hour gap between old week conquest and new week conquest.

A) If you do the weekly on Tuesday before 1 PM NOW, and if you didn't do the weekly for old conquest yet, you can do it and get credit on the last day.
B) If you did the weekly before Tuesday during old conquest, and you do it again between weekly reset and new don't get credit for it at all (you wasted it).
C) If you do the weekly AFTER new conquest starts, you get credit for it like normal.

B is the same today as it was a month ago. It's just a little more obvious now with the 1 hour downtime instead of the 24 hour downtime.
Hey folks,

Thank you for raising this. Highlighting Darevsool's post as it is a pretty good assessment of my understanding of what is occurring as well (which has been going on since we adjusted Conquest timing). Gonna move this thread to the bug report forum, the team is looking into it. Most likely the Conquest time changing will address the issue, but I will pass on more details as I have them.

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