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Vandin Playtests: September 8th and 9th

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 07.09.2018 03:37PM
Hey folks,

Playtest Sessions
  • Saturday, 9/8 10AM: 12PM PDT (5PM - 7PM GMT)
  • Sunday, 9/9 10AM: 12PM PDT (5PM - 7PM GMT)
PTS Patch Notes
  • Made some environmental changes to the map to make it feel a bit less "cluttered."
  • Removed the "box stack" in the center catwalks and replaced them with forcefields. This gives more visibility across the map as well.
  • Throw the Huttball will now stay in the first pop-up slot if you also have the Gravity Grapple ability. This should address concerns for players who keybind the Throw the Huttball ability.
  • The Gravity Grapple ability should now work when hit with a ballistic from all abilities.
  • Baron Deathmark will now yell at you when you kick the Huttball, NO KICKING.
  • Added colored arrows around the map to help with navigation.
  • Fixed various collision and asymmetry issues around the map.
  • To help alleviate some concerns such as being knocked in the pit being punishing and challenges in being able to defend properly, the central air vents on the map will no longer be random. Instead they will now always jump the player back to a defensive position on the catwalk.
  • Players are now able to shield Critical hits.
Like always, we will be running around playing incognito alongside you! Hop in and don't forget to pass on your feedback on the new map, here. In order to participate simply have a character of any level on any faction and queue up within the specific window. As a note, if you end up in an Arena match instead of Vandin, do your best not to leave the match. Instead try to complete it as quickly as possible and then requeue.

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