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How to Use PvP Challenge

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 25.10.2018 01:58PM
Here is how to use PvP Challenge on PTS!
  1. To start a group PvP Challenge you can do it one of three ways. Note that both the sender and the receiver must be in groups.
    1. There is a new sub-tab for PvP Challenges inside of the Activity Finders PvP tab.
    2. You can target another player and challenge them via right clicking on their portrait.
    3. Via a new chat command: /pvpchallenge [player name].
  2. A window will pop up and the initiator should be able to pick the PvP type (Arena, Warzone, Starfighter), map, and send the challenge.
    1. Available PvP types vary based on group size:
      1. Arena up to 4 players per team
      2. Warzone up to 8 players per team
      3. Starfighter up to 12 players per team
  3. Once the initiator sends the challenge the receiving groups leader should now have an updated UI and the ability to accept or decline.
  4. If the receiving groups leader accepts the window will close and the "Enter Match" screen will pop up.
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