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#3 Alderaan Round 2 Changes and Feedback

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 15.01.2020 10:33AM
Hey folks,

Our plan right now is to bring PTS by the end of the week (assuming everything stays on track). Here are the changes you will see to the Alderaan Stronghold based on your feedback:
  • A variety of bug fixes throughout including issues such as expansion doors not opening after purchase.
  • Made a number of changes throughout the Stronghold to hook quantity and placement.
  • Hooks have been added to the Ancient Ruins area outside.
  • Taxis will now be Thrantas!
    • Known issues: The map for the Alderaan Stronghold and the taxis are not functioning properly.
Please use this thread to share your thought on the new updates to the Alderaan Stronghold. Thanks all.

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