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Some update on what's next is needed

Originally Posted by EricMusco ( Original Post ) | 13.01.2020 04:10PM
Hey folks,

First off, happy new year! We know that with a new year means questions of "what's next" and so let me try to add some clarity to things.

What's next? In case you missed our last livestream in December or didn't get a chance to check it out on PTS, Game Update 6.1 is the next thing on the horizon and it is slated for a February release. That update contains our next story beat (around the size of Hearts and Minds) and the new Alderaan Stronghold! Many of you have already have already shared your thoughts on the Stronghold, we are hoping to have PTS back up later this week with some new changes to check out.

One other quick note about 6.1 is the usage of the .1 in the Game Update. In the past we have been pretty inconsistent in our Game Update numbering and so we wanted to clean that up. This started at 6.0 but going forward any 6.X update will only increment if there is some story contained in the update. If there is no story, then it will increment by 6.X.X.
Ex: After 6.1 if the next update contained story, it would be 6.2. If it doesn't have story it would be 6.1.1.

We talked about this last year as well but just a reminder that we have moved away from the big form roadmaps that we used to post. Instead we try to lean more on updates via PTS, posts, livestreams, and blogs. So you should expect to see more about what is beyond 6.1 as we get closer to / beyond its launch. With that said, that doesn't mean Keith will stop swinging in to give you some longer term updates. I would expect before the end of January to see Keith in the forums to give you a bit of a welcome to 2020 which will likely contain some hints at what we are looking at doing this year.

I can tell you that the team is really excited about what is coming in 2020 and we are already planning around things for next year, our 10-year anniversary (and beyond)!

Thanks everyone.

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