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Welcome to the 6.2 PTS!

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 12.11.2020 11:53AM
Hello everyone!

PTS is now live! Players can experience the Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint, Login Rewards, and Emote Window.

The Spirit of Vengeance

Jump into the PTS to test The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint! In this Flashpoint, renegade Mandalorians commanded by Heta Kol ambushed one of Shae Vizlas capital ships - The Spirit of Vengeance II - to rip it apart and steal priceless Mandalorian relics. Players will fight these renegades to free Shae Vizla's ship and save its crew and relics.

To start this Flashpoint, head on over to Odessen. When on Odessen, use the elevator in the West hallway to the Alliance Operations room. Upstairs, you will see a marker on the Map to pick-up this Flashpoint. Below you can find the type of feedback that the team is looking for.

The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint in 6.2 (Veteran Mode) - Feedback

Login Rewards

Players can test the new Login Rewards system. Players will receive rewards (Legacy wide) every day they log into the game.
Subscribers will receive bonus rewards for logging into the game multiple days in a week.

Login Rewards in 6.2 - Feedback

Emote Window

Test the new Emote Window. This new window improves accessibility to emotes with new features such as: Grouping unlocked emotes, emote preview, an indicator as to whether an emote loops, and more.

Emote Window in 6.2 - Feedback

Let us know your thoughts!

Here is the list of the current known issues for the 6.2 PTS: PTS Known Issues
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