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#3 Login Rewards in 6.2 - Feedback

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 19.11.2020 08:51AM
Hi all!

First and foremost, thank you for the excellent feedback regarding Login Rewards. I would like to go over some points I have seen and talk a little more about them!

More Unique Rewards
Our goal with the Login Reward system is to allow itself to continually cycle between the Reward Calendars. As such, the rewards are intentionally designed to include consumable-style items all players can use, rather than (one-time) unique items. Adding unique rewards to the Reward Calendars is not currently in our plans for the Login Reward system all players will have access to.

That being said, we know that these unique rewards are what you want to see!

One place you may find unique rewards appear is in the Weekly Subscriber Bonus Reward track. We have designed the back end (developer side) of this specific reward track to allow us flexibility to provide more robust (and unique) rewards versus that of the shared Login Reward track. In addition, we have further plans of ways to provide exciting and exclusive unique rewards, which...well.we cant go into that yet, but the Login Reward System is the first step in a larger whole!

Changing Reward Calendars
One of the points we have seen is in regards to the Reward Calendars, and feeling like you are stuck into one you may not find value in (for instance, you are a PvE centric player who gets the Aggressive Negotiations Reward Calendar). As I mentioned in my last post, the reward structure for all Reward Calendars is almost identical, save for the Calendar-Defining rewards. This was intended to alleviate this, but the concern is valid.

I would like to clarify that the Reward Calendars will never immediately repeat themselves - once you complete a Reward Calendar, you will not (and cannot) be immediately put into that same Reward Calendar. Rather, you will be given a new Reward Calendar based on the remaining two Reward Calendars. For example, I completed the Strength In Allies Reward Calendar, and will then move into either the Aggressive Negotiations or the United Efforts Reward Calendars. I will never have two of the same Reward Calendars back-to-back.

That being the case we have been discussing additional options for this, and will continue to monitor feedback regarding it.

Thank you all again!
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