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Virtual Cantina 2020 Recap

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 20.11.2020 10:04PM
Hello everyone!

Earlier today we hosted a digital cantina event. In it we talked about the year so far and our upcoming game update - 'Echoes of Vengeance'. We also unveiled three recorded interviews that we had with a few of our voice actors. Below I have listed the highlevel bullet points from the livestream. The recording is available to watch now on Twitch and I included timestamps for each segment. If you prefer YouTube, I will include the publishing schedule at the bottom of my post as well.
  • General introduction by Musco, Keith, and Charles. (00:05:12)
  • Prerecorded interview with the Female Jedi Knight voice actress, Kari Wahlgren. (00:09:07)
  • The year so far. (00:28:31)
    • Alderaan Stronghold
    • Afetrmath of the Meridian Complex Story
    • Conquest Revamp
    • Swoop Rally Event
    • Master Mode Nature of Progress Operation
    • Galactic Guide
    • New Class Sets
    • Steam Launch
      • Steam Achievements
      • Cross-save and Cross-play
      • Trading Cards
      • Emotes/Backgrounds/Badges
      • Touched on direct patching functionality for Steam in the future
    • Feast of Prosperity Event
    • Mandalorian Inspired Items
    • Legacy Ignore
    • Conquest Improvements
    • New Augments
  • Game Update 6.2 Echoes of Vengeance (00:39:50)
    • The culmination of the Emperor storyline and the beginning of something new
    • New Flashpoint: Spirit of Vengeance
    • New Story Mission: Echoes of Oblivion
    • Login Reward System
    • Emote Window
    • The Return of Lifeday
    • 9-year Anniversary
  • New Flashpoint: The Spirit of Vengeance (00:42:05)
    • The forces of Mandalore the Avenger are under assault! Join the infamous
    • Shae Vizla in defending her loyal followers from a ruthless new adversary.
    • Available in the following difficulties:
      • Solo Story
      • Story
      • Veteran
      • Master Mode
      • Will come with new achievements and new rewards!
  • Special Guest Interview with Noshir Dalal, the voice actor of the new Mandalorian ally Rass Ordo. (00:46:07)
  • Echoes of Oblivion Story Mission (01:04:10)
    • A missing ship carrying an unknown menace. A former Jedi grand master in mortal danger. And the potential return of the galaxys greatest evil. Join Jedi Kira Carsen, Sith Lord Scourge, and many other allies in facing this mysterious threat before time runs out.
  • Special Guest Interview with Darin De Paul, the voice actor of Valkorian.(01:09:40)
  • Login Rewards (01:44:50)
    • Earn bonus rewards just for logging in!
    • Once per day, but everything is Legacy
    • Examples:
      • Crafting materials
      • Companion Gifts
      • Credits
      • Boosts
      • ...and maybe a surprise?
    • Bonus rewards for Subscribers
    • Meant to serve as time savers
  • Emote Window (01:49:15)
    • New and improved look and feel!
    • Unlocked grouped to top of the list
    • Looping indicator
  • Game Update 6.2 'Echoes of Vengeance' will be coming this December
  • Be sure to redeem code LivestreamCantina2020 to receive 4 classic Korrealis Cantina Mounts​. This code will expire next week.
  • Ended the livestream with a teaser trailer for the Echoes of Oblivion Story Mission!

That sums up the livestream, now onto the YouTube schedule! There are English, German, and French versions of the teaser trailer mentioned above that have already been uploaded to YouTube. Here is our entire YouTube publishing schedule involving the virtual cantina event:
  • Friday: Echoes of Oblivion Story Teaser
  • Saturday: Cantina Recording on YouTube
  • Sunday: Kari Wahlgren Interview
  • Monday: Noshir Dalal Interview
  • Tuesday: Darin De Paul Interview.
Once each video is uploaded, I'll be sure to edit in a link to this forum post. Each video is scheduled to be public by 12:00pm CST (6:00pm UTC). This is purely on the YouTube end of things, if you'd rather watch everything now, the respective timestamps are above.

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