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#3 Virtual Cantina 2020 Recap

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 25.11.2020 01:04PM
Hey everyone!

I wanted to offer some clarification. Until we can return to in-person events, we are planning to hold more Livestream Cantinas throughout next year. In the future, we're likely to do both once we're able! Since we tried a few new things production/format wise with the recent livestream, I wanted to take the opportunity to gauge the community's thoughts.

Originally Posted by Darthjantom View Post
I would love to see an official stream having you show how you take the screenshots/videos whenever new cartel market items are released giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the kind of dev tools for screenshots & cinematics you got access to . Actually some behind-the-scenes streams could be nice, seeing how stuff in the game is made (not that the behind-the-scenes interviews on the site arent nice, but it's different between reading an interview and actually seeing how stuff is made).
Interesting idea. While the team, and myself especially, are always looking at ways we can provide a behind-the-scenes look, that's a route I haven't looked into much. Can't guarantee it will happen, but I'll start putting some brain power into something of that nature.
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