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#2 December In-Game Event Schedule

Originally Posted by DanielSteed ( Original Post ) | 02.12.2020 01:21PM
Hey everyone!

I wanted to follow-up here with some clarity on a few things. Conquests will begin at 12:00pm GMT, so the previous Conquest week will end at 11:00am GMT to allow for the hour cooldown period between events.

Some of you have been curious why we're making this timing change. We have aspects of SWTOR that reset on a weekly basis - Operations lockouts, Weekly Mission Resets, Conquests, etc. We know that these events are important for players and some modify their playtime based on when these resets happen. Aligning all our reset timers makes things easier for players to keep up to date with SWTOR, provides an expectation for future resets, and helps prevent potential development problems on our end when having multiple systems using different resetting behavior.

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