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PvP reward points. Why did you change it? Will CMs answer their paying customers?

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 11.12.2020 12:05PM
Quote: Originally Posted by EllieAnne View Post
I know we have a thread somewhere but this one is to call out the CMs TO DO YOUR JOB.
You want us to PvP? Fine. Then why did you de-incentivise playing PvP but eliminating any points if your side loses?
Going beyond that, now that you see that your idea has failed and now less people are playing unranked PvP is there any talk of changing it back?
Hi EllieAnne,

Wanted to address a couple of points you made in your OP. First, a good majority of the changes made were to improve healthy play and reduce the toxicity that was increasing over time. "Lose farming" was a pretty big factor that we not only discouraged but also wanted to keep out of PVP as a whole.

Secondly, Im Jackie, and Im the newest addition to the community team. Im still learning about the community culture here, so Im spending a great deal of time in the forums. While I understand frustrations that players may have from time to time, I would like to encourage that posts made in the future are made with the intent to have a healthy conversation regardless if they are with staff or with other community members.

Given that I started with the team a week ago, Im certain you did not know I even existed. So with this knowledge, I hope that our future interactions can start off on a better foot. I am working on improving the communication from the team to the players and vice versa overall. While I may not be able to answer every question thrown at us, I will be doing my best to ensure that voices are heard from both parties.

Lastly, you mention a thread that already exists in your OP. Could you point me in the right direction on how to find that? I would like to take a look at that thread so I can get a better understanding of PVP players feedback.

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