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Regarding the lightsaber bug -

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 17.12.2020 07:56AM
Originally Posted by AmorandaAdamah View Post
Hi -
So I recruited a new player and he was trying SWTOR out as a Jedi.
This was, of course, during the 'never did get that lightsaber' bug that I didn't know was a bug until we completed the quest.
I'm wondering if he'll be able to get that light saber or should he scrap that toon and start a new one. I'd hate for him to do that because I'm trying to get him to sub...
Anyone have any suggestions?
Hi AmorandaAdamah,

As the grant is not retroactive, you should contact our support team if you didn't receive the lightsaber from The Forge.
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