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#5 Happy 9th anniversary to SWTOR!

Originally Posted by ChrisSchmidt ( Original Post ) | 21.12.2020 09:26AM
Nine years is an incredible run for any game, but to see SWTOR still delivering original Star Wars stories set in the Old Republic era the entire time is truly something special. It takes a passionate team, incredible players and fans, and support from too many people to name to accomplish such a feat.

Ive enjoyed so many lasting memories through the years as both a player and a developer: The Orange Pixel (RIP), double Kephess, light sword in box, dance parties on the fleet, walker parades...the list goes on and on. Some say theres even an NPC golfing somewhere on every planet. Who can say?

And yet, after all of these years, we find ourselves looking forward still. There are so many more stories to many more experiences we want to deliver and share with the community. What could be next? We dream big in Texas, so buckle up yall!
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