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#7 Happy 9th anniversary to SWTOR!

Originally Posted by AshleyRuhl ( Original Post ) | 22.12.2020 08:36PM
SWTOR has always held a special place in my heart. My career in games began as a contract cinematic designer in the final year before launch, and I was sad that I had to continue my dev journey elsewhere. But finally this year, returning to SWTOR - to this team, these characters, and this universe - feels like coming home.

I love seeing so much camaraderie and positivity in the SWTOR community, especially after nine years! There is so much incredible art, writing, personal stories, and self discovery that have come from this community. I'm humbled that we can inspire players to create their own Star Wars sagas.

As tumultuous as 2020 has been, I'm so thrilled to be back making cinematics in SWTOR again! I was especially excited to create more bombastic Emperor scenes. I love watching streamers gasp, laugh, and cry as they experience our stories. If we touched your hearts, if we made you feel like heroes, then we're doing it right.
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