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#8 Happy 9th anniversary to SWTOR!

Originally Posted by PhredNewman ( Original Post ) | 06.01.2021 02:19PM

Hi everyone! I'm Phred and I hope the new year is already treating you great! Nine years--what a ride! In nine years, never have I felt more like Luke than I did these last 11 monthsperpetually stuck on the farm cleaning up new droids while ALL I wanted to do was go to Tosche Station. Thats pretty much all of us right now, amirite??!!

In all seriousness, despite how surreal our situation has been over the last few months, Ive watched our team meet unexpected challenges, excitement undiminished, and fly at them full Steam ahead (see what I did there? Do we still say see what I did there?)

Navigating working from home has been a whole new bowl of paddy frogs for our team, especially when were such a close-knit family that thrives on social creativity, but our love of the game, the drive to create, and our excitement for what lies ahead has fueled us.

Ive worn a lot of hats at BioWare Austin since 2011. I started in QA, moved into Tools QA soon after, and eventually had an opportunity to become a dedicated part of the Cartel Market team. In March of last year, I was excited to make another move, this time into the art department. Changing work roles on SWTOR was a dream come true. One thing that never changed in all my different roles though was seeing each team brimming with passion to deliver the next, exciting thing for the players.

Perhaps my favorite aspect of working on this project is seeing the community grow and evolve, yet remain a powerful support base for this far away galaxy. Simply put, the SWTOR player fam is the cream of the crop and I couldnt be more proud of being a part of it. Keep on, keepin on everyone. I cannot wait for the time we can all raise a glass at a Cantina again and celebrate our love for all things Star Wars! Happy anniversary, everyone!

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