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Bug Report Sub-Forum Guidelines

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 08.01.2021 10:13AM
Hello everyone,

In an effort to keep information in one spot, we are working to consolidate the stickied threads, update the info obtained from them, and will update this post as necessary. Treat this as a living document. Please read this post thoroughly as it contains a lot of information.

General guidelines about reporting bugs
  • Please search threads to see if someone else has already created a bug report and add to that instead of creating a new thread. This not only helps keep info in one spot, but it is also easier to update one thread with a resolution/answer rather than tracking down multiple. Duplicate threads can be deleted, merged, or locked.
  • Create one thread for each unique bug. This assists with tracking and keeping conversation and additional reporting to one issue at a time.
  • This sub-forum is used specifically for game bugs. If you need support for the following, please follow the respective steps:
    For tech issues that are not bugs, please go here Answers HQ is a great resource for people with technical support or other general game needs.
    For issues concerning your account, please go here
  • Exploits and/or Terms of Service violations should be reported in-game or privately to the account CommunityTeam, or to a Community Manager.
  • Suggestion and feedback threads will be moved to the appropriate location or deleted if they are duplicates.

How to report a bug
  • Players can create threads here to report bugs.
  • Players can submit bugs in-game by using /bug in chat. Be sure to select Bug Report in the dropdown so the report is sent to the appropriate team.

What to include in your bug report
  • Screenshots and videos are always helpful.
  • Details. The more, the better. Give us full names of NPCs, gear pieces, locations, abilities, step by step in how to reproduce the issue, etc If we cannot reproduce a bug, we will not be able to fix it.

Content that is (or becomes) inappropriate for the Bug Report sub -forums may be closed or removed without warning or notice. There are a few cases where other actions will occur (such as multiple threads being merged), but closure and removal are the most common things that will happen. Repeatedly posting inappropriate threads or posts can result in warnings or infractions.

Please note that while we will be reading the reports here in this forum, we will not respond to every thread. Additionally, a developer response in a thread is not an indication of the significance, priority, severity of a bug, or a guarantee that the bug will be fixed.

Feel free to use this specific thread to reply with ways to improve or clarify some of the information in this post.

Thank you!
Community Team
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