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#3 Why I'm done with PvP

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 11.01.2021 10:36AM
Originally Posted by supertimtaf View Post

We may be a bit intimidating to Jackie, but I can only hope that she'll put through and stick with us longer than the other devs have been.
The majority of what I've read so far throughout the forums is valuable feedback even if the tone that's being written isn't sunshine and rainbows. I am empathetic to how players feel and I am learning a lot about their experiences. My only ask is that when players do offer feedback that it is constructive regardless if it is positive or negative in nature. People can be express their opinion even if it's negative; I just ask that it be done respectfully and that we remember there are human beings on the other side of the monitor =]

Originally Posted by sithBracer View Post
Suuuuurrrrrreeee you are

How long have assassins been complaining about the garbage new ability that is so horrible no one even puts it on their bars? How long have we been complaining about phantom stride/holotraverse being broken? How long have we complained about the operative roll stuck bug?

I guess you only pay attention to #nerfAssassin threads, because you nerfed them pretty quickly huh.

I'm going to be honest, I can't tell what tone you're using in your post, but I'll start off on a fresh slate. I'm Jackie, and I started with the team in late November of last year. I don't know how long the concerns you brought up have been around, but if you would like to PM me some threads, I would like to look through them.

For everyone, I will likely reiterate this time and time again. I'm working to build the relationship and communication between player and dev team and vice versa. That takes time, but I hope you can see by the little changes that we've been doing around the forums is indicative of what we're trying to do to strengthen that bridge.
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