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Outfit slots - White and Green quality items no longer able to be dyed.

Originally Posted by CommunityTeam ( Original Post ) | 13.01.2021 11:08AM
Thanks to everyone who asked for updates on this thread!

We took a look and the dye slots on these old outfits are currently working as they should.

To give some context, these outfits were not built to accept dyes, and when the Outfitter was released, there was a bug that allowed dyes to be used on outfits that didn't have a dye slot. Unfortunately, these outfits didn't actually support dyes under-the-hood, and so in many cases, when dyes were used on outfits, the dye would not actually be applied, and the item would be consumed (it did work in some cases, though that was technically accidental).

Because we know dyeing is an important facet of character customization, in recent years we've leaned harder in the direction of making more and more outfits dyeable, but the older armors that were not created to support dyes will still remain so.
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