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Upcoming Guild Conquest Updates

Originally Posted by DavidStaats ( Original Post ) | 15.01.2021 01:03PM

Hi everyone,

We wanted to let you all know of some updates we are making to Conquest as it pertains to Guilds and Guild Contributions. This update will specifically touch two main aspects of Guild Conquests - when a new character joins a Guild, and when any characters are removed from a Guild - and how Conquest Points will be handled.

New Character Grace Period
When a new character has accepted an invite into a Guild, that character will begin a Grace Period with the Guild. During this time, that new character can still earn their own Personal Conquest goals and rewards, but their Conquest efforts will not be calculated into the Guilds Conquest efforts until the next Conquest event. As such, new characters will not immediately appear in a Guilds Conquest Leaderboards, and will not be eligible for the Guilds Invasion Reward.

When new characters view the Guild Invasion screen, they will see a message indicating that they are currently unable to contribute towards their new Guilds Conquest score, and must wait until the next Conquest event. Similarly, when viewing the Guild Roster page new characters who are unable to contribute will be indicated as such, allowing Guild Leadership to get a better picture of who cannot actively contribute.

It is important to note that this Grace Period is per character, and not account. If a player already has a character in a Guild, and is bringing an alternate character into the Guild, the Grace Period only applies to that alternate character, and not all characters from that Legacy. Equally as important to note is that this Grace Period will also apply to all new Guilds being formed.

Joining a Guild is an important aspect of our game, and we want to ensure that both the Guild and new members are given time to assess each other properly, without the pressures of reward systems potentially interfering in that period.

Character and Guild Separation
When a player is removed from a Guild by the Guild, their Conquest contributions will now be removed from that Guild as well. In the event the character leaves a Guild on their own accord, the points they contributed to a Guilds Conquest will remain with the Guild for that Conquest.

When removing characters, Guild Leadership will now be provided with a notification informing them that removing the member will result in a loss of that members Conquest contributions. Again, it is important to note that this is per character, and not account.

Guild Commendation Reward
As a result of the changes mentioned above, the time frame in which a Guild will earn their Guild Commendation Invasion Reward is being changed. Guild Perk Rewards will now be tallied at the end of a Conquest event rather than during it, and as such the Commendation Reward from Invasions will be given when the subsequent Conquest begins.

We want to ensure that character and Guild separation is done in a healthy and amicable way.

As always, thank you to everyone who has sent in feedback regarding how the current system was being used. We feel these changes will allow players and Guilds to build healthier relationships when experiencing this aspect of SWTOR, and are aiming to have these changes in an update in the near future.

EDIT: Added Guild Commendation Reward section.
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