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Grade 7 Space Missions TOO HARD!

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 21.01.2021 12:42PM
Quote: Originally Posted by Deadbladey View Post
I've only managed to do 1 of them so far but not consistently. Also would be nice if JackieKo replied with some clarification on why the there is such a jump in skill requirement/difficulty between grade 5 and 7 missions and if they plan on changing it in future at all (grade 8 upgrades for instance).

Hey Deadbladey,
The Grade 7 Missions are intended to be challenging especially for players who have mastered everything in the Grade 5 Mission. You are meant to have almost max level ship gear and have knowledge of when to strategically use your abilities. However, there is little to no RNG, so that will help with planning your route and trying new techniques tp complete the mission. While Grade 7 is the most challenging piece of content for this mode of the game, it is definitely doable with the right gear and strategies.

EDIT: I'll also be moving this discussion to the appropriate sub-forum.
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