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The Conquest Crafting Objectives Need to be capped per legacy.

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 22.01.2021 05:16PM
Originally Posted by Voriik View Post
Posts laying how these objectives are being abused in plain English, and even the video literally showing it, down to the very name of the software have all been removed. Alright, you re-direct me to an off site link to:

"Report inappropriate player behavior, harassment, or a player or guild name." or "Report a player from in-game."

Nope and Nope. Waste of my time and it'll end up in hyperspace. This is a game mechanic that needs to be addressed. NOT and individual player or guild. You can NOT fix this by simply banning or sanctioning any one user. It's akin to stopping credit sellers. You whack a-mole one, and two more just sprout up. We want action. Kinda like how you all immediately at the snap of a finger address a certain ring of guilds mass ninja inviting and purging to win planets on DM, and now SF servers.

I'm not sending in a ticket to report anyone player or guild either, it's a waste of time compiling a list. However, if you want to be back logged with literally thousands of our members from 5+ guilds copy and pasting the same message into an in-game ticket with another video break down, and their signatures at the bottom we can arrange that too, I'd rather not though.

So let's just cut to the chase, limit the crafting conquest objectives to be either per character or per legacy not to exceed 5 million conquest points. That way all the smaller guilds can continue sitting there for six hours spamming one button to get their rewards on all their characters(Bogus) and not feel affected, while the larger conquest guilds actually interested in playing the game and organizing content, can actually be on a level playing field.

Thank you.
You were asked to follow the proper channels in reporting problematic behavior, and you did not. You were asked to not post about system abuse in detail, and you did. It is in our Rules of Conduct that such posts are not permitted on this platform. Please adhere to the guidelines of this space. You are free to offer feedback on improvements you would like to see in the game, but do not violate our Rules of Conduct. Our lines of communication are to help players, and gather feedback and info from the community. Should you or anyone spam our report system, our forums, etc... we can take further actions against your account.
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