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Guild Conquest Rankings

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 28.01.2021 12:35PM
Originally Posted by codydmaan View Post
I've been on the Starforge server for about 6 months now. I was in previous servers before but came back to the game about 6-7 month now. I was a previous beta tester GO BETA

Now what I've noticed and this had been confirmed by the community also. The whole time I've been back I've noticed a game mechanic problem.

I see the guild conquest is broken as is confirmed through the community and my 7 months being back there remains 1 guild that has never lost rank 1 on large yield planets for over 3 years. Never losing for 3 years doesn't seem to me like this system is constructed in a way that allows even compettition.
(While I do say large yield rank 1 in starforge server I do no call out any guild specifically by name and henceforth is not against forum rules thank you )

Here's a question for the community.

If a guild has placed first for 3+ years do you think thats fair?

Do you think having a guild rank 1 for over 3 years allows for friendly competition?

I think somehow the developers need to address this system so that competition between guilds is more well balanced than obviously 1 sided dont you think?

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