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Cut scene issue

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 23.02.2021 12:12PM
Quote: Originally Posted by OFAWFletch View Post
yeah well, I have been a Swtor supporting since launch and expect some acknowledgement. regardless of the Texas power outage, when the power is restored its back to work. I expect a value to my subscription as everyone else. Making their millions they can look into it as a courtesy

As you are still experiencing an issue and the recommendations from others have not resolved your issue, I will be moving this thread to the appropriate sub-forum. You posted in General Discussion, so I will be moving this to the Bug Report sub-forum.

Secondly, I also encourage you to report this in-game as well and include as much info as you can such as the YT link that you posted later on in the thread. Use /bug. Please keep all that info in a consolidated format, so it will be easier to review, repro- etc...

Lastly, what happened in Texas was more than a power outage. While we do value all of our players, the safety and recovery for our teams is the highest priority right now. This is not a simple flip of a switch scenario and everything is immediately 100% again. Understand that and have more empathy, please.
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