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Disappearing conquest points

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 02.03.2021 02:10PM
Originally Posted by DeannaVoyager View Post
I had 38,(something)k conquest points when I started a space mission. The mission before it that I did was Stronghold Decorator (1950cqp).

In the beginning of the space mission I remembered I'll probably hit the bonus objective, and I want it on another toon. So I escaped and chose exit. That crashed my game to desktop btw. When I logged back in, my conquest points had gone downwards from 38,(x) to 36230. The stronghold decorator mission is ticked done, even though my points are gone.
Hey DeannaVoyager,

Could you provide more info? Feel free to either report in-game or PM me with this info, but we need server name, character name, and account name to start.

Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
I'm posting in this thread, even though my problem is slightly different, but falls into the same category of Conquest Points (CQP) appearing / accruing in a wacky way.

On three characters, there is a discrepancy between what is showing for CQP when you open the personal character screen vs. what is showing when you click on the screen to monitor guild progress. In all three cases, I actually have MORE CQP showing for each individual and the total when opening the guild page.

So, for example, on one character I clocked 52,399 CQP, but the total on Guild Page shows 60,250. The total Guild Conquest Progress page is reflecting those inflated numbers, roughly 8k to 10k per character. While I appreciate the free CQP for my Guild, I imagine you will want to address this issue.

Regardless, to reinforce DeannaV's point -- something screwy is going on with CQP.

Dasty the Forum Warrior
Hi Dasty,

Guilds earn a bonus (which could be 15% or more depending on perks) to its conquest points from the character if the guild is invading a planet. This bonus is not applied to the character's personal points. This is working as designed.
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