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#2 Disappearing conquest points

Originally Posted by JackieKo ( Original Post ) | 03.03.2021 11:03AM
Originally Posted by DeannaVoyager View Post
You guys are talking about a different issue. My personal points went downwards after my game crashed, so it deleted the points I got from Stronghold decorator, but still kept the objective completed so I couldn't do it again to get the points back.

With the lack of small points objectives, it is annoying. Imagine it happening if you finish let's say GSF weekly or PVP weekly... That's a lot of points gone who knows where.
Hi again,

Wanted to update the thread with our findings. We did not see any points that were rolled back on your character or account. Additionally, we did not received other reports based on the same issue. If multiple players were losing their CP, we definitely would have been swarmed with reports. As of now, we do not see anything showing loss of points; however, we have record of your report and will be keeping it as reference in the event similar issues happen in the future.

Originally Posted by Jdast View Post
Agreed. I shouldn't have linked the two issues, which are separate. I was thinking it was a display bug, but in our case it was going up.

Hope they look into your issue.

Dasty + group, I'll go ahead and update this point as well since I don't want info to be scattered. Dasty, If you want to create a new thread and link to my posts, you're absolutely welcome to do so. It won't be considered spam.

I should have clarified earlier. Before this release, the guild tracking of each character's conquest points did not include the guild invasion bonus. The guild point display now shows this with the current update. I'll be working to get this point added to the patch notes so the info is accessible to players outside of this thread.
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